Between Riverside and Crazy

Nominee- Best Featured Actress 2019 Theatre Tampa Bay Awards

Winner- Best Ensemble Theatre Tampa Bay Awards

 Sara Oliva does remarkable work in the role, one that stores a surprise that cannot be described. -Tampa Bay Times

...a hilarious Sara Oliva, in one of the funniest sex scenes I have ever witnessed on stage.... - Splash Magazine

 Sara Oliva, whose Church Lady is more comfortable with the spirituality of Brazilian Candomblé than with traditional Catholic communion, nails one of the wildest onstage transformations imaginable.  -The Miami Herald  (Full Review HERE)


The hilarious and touching Sara Oliva as Church Lady gets the most memorable scene of the show and maybe even of the year. -

 ...played ingeniously by Sara Oliva.... - The Weekly Challenger

The acting under Adler’s hand is remarkable...Sara Oliva is equally adept. This cast believably persuades that they are, indeed, an extended family that has bonded together.  - Florida Theatre Onstage FULL REVIEW HERE

GableStage’s production of “Between Riverside and Crazy” is yet another coup, a bases-loaded four-bagger that will remind anyone who’s still wondering that you don’t have to go to New York to see great theater...The seven-person cast leaves nothing to be of the most satisfying shows I've seen so far this season. -The Wall Street Journal


A-One cast including Sara Oliva- Florida Media News (Full Review HERE)


You have to wait for the second act for Sara Oliva, and I don't know how many orgasm induced heart attacks you might have seen, but I guarantee, this is the funniest.-  (Full Review HERE)

You are not likely to forget Sara Oliva's eerie Church lady-

Sara Oliva is Church Lady, a role that if less skillfully acted could become a stereotype, but Guirgis offers enough strong writing that Ms. Oliva does not allow that to happen. - Talkin' Broadway

My Name is Asher Lev

Rivkeh's anguish, exacerbated by the death of her brother, is palpable in Her Rivkeh's journey is one that sees her battle loneliness, depression performance. Sara Oliva's,motherly struggle..breath-taking, riveting work... the audience's hearts break right along with those of the Lev family -

Sara Oliva's best moments come as the Jewish mother who can see outside of her small world; but she also shines as the foul mouthed gallery owner and the seduction-free model. - Ink 19 Arkiculture Digest

Strong support..from Sara Oliva whose haunted face and pleading voice are a portrait of pain. - Orlando Sentinel

Sara Oliva's selfless devotion to her son is as heart-wrenching as a Pieta .. a rare production that is equally affecting on both an emotional and intellectual level.-  Orlando Weekly 

Born Yesterday 

Sara Oliva turns Helen the maid into a scene-stealer who disrupts arguments with badly timed entrances and then milks every step for all its worth. -Palm Beach Magazine

 Sara Oliva makes her show time onstage worthwhile…and is hilarious as the footsoldier of public healthcare- Windy City Times



The best performance is from Sara Oliva, who also is fun to watch as a neglectful nurse- New City Chicago

Good supporting performance from Sara Oliva in a portrayal so nasty it has to have been based on a real life experience - Chicago Tribune

Sara Oliva...nearly steals the show- Barrington Courier-Review

A View From The Bridge 

*2018 Winner Critics Pick Outstanding Leading Actress Orlando Sentinel*

Sara Oliva, as the “long-suffering” wife of Eddie, Beatrice, provides the strongest performance in the show. Oliva portrays Bea not as pathetic and weak but as the real pillar of the family, while also emphasizing the character’s love and patience.  Oliva dominates the stage. Arthur Miller Society

Anchored by intensely strong performances from Sara Oliva as Beatrice,... Oliva fully captures the Carbones’ often strained, edgy, and awkward relationship beautifully. - Freeline Media

Watching the skillful actors play out the most passionate and destructive emotions is a heady pleasure...the seasoned cast shines with authenticity...Sara Oliva gets every note just absolutely right as Beatrice.....a most compelling tale given top notch treatment... Orlando Sentinel

The Waiting Room

When Sara Oliva swaggers into the waiting room, the play takes on life...Her working class Jersey girl, masks a life of ugly-duckling hurt behind outrageously vulgar humor. The pathos she invokes as she loses her breasts to cancer as the play grinds on through nearly two hours is a convincing tour de force of acting...a bravura performance - Boston

Top Girls 

...particularly memorable turn... by Sara Oliva as a secretly female pope and a quiet present-day woman who gave everything to her workplace only to be passed over. ....Sara Oliva had perhaps a showier role as the secretly female Pope Joan. But her second role is where she ripped your heart out as a quiet, contemporary woman who gave everything to her workplace — only to be passed over. Orlando Sentinel